Draught Beer Special!

Stop by and try our Draught Beer Special this month:
Traitors’ Gate!
Traitors’ Gate is a water-gate beneath St Thomas’s Tower, used in Tudor times to commit prisoners to the Tower of London. The convicts would travel by barge past London Bridge where the heads of executed traitors were displayed on the spikes of the gate house.

Drawing inspiration from the tale, this deep-red Fuller’s brew is aptly full-bodied, with a delicious hint of sharpness.

Beer and Cider SPECIALS!!!

Draught Beer / von Faß

Traitor’s Gate  4,5%  0,3l      €4,50

Traitor’s Gate   4,5%  0,5%   €6,90


Fuller’s 1845  6,3%  0,5l   €6,90

Köstritzer Pale Ale  7%  0,5l    €6,90

Strong Suffolk Dark Ale  6%   €4,50

Brooklyn East IPA  6,9%   €4,50

Iron Maiden “Trooper”  4,7%   0,33l   € 3,90

Sumersby Apple Cider  4,5%  0,33l   €4,50

R.I.P. Perry

At 13.50 this afternoon Perry passed on. I’m happy the sun was shining, he had his little piggy and of course a bone and fell asleep with loved ones around helping him on. It was a lovely way for him to go and I’m glad I could do this for him.

There was not a day in the last 12 years that you did not bring at least a smile to mine and many more faces. The amount of joy he brought me was incredible. A great companion and a Mans best friend.

I will miss you dearly but always remember you fondly. The best dog ever.

A Legend